Product Overview


Dr. Nelson-Johnson describes himself as a street theologian. And as that name suggests, he has not spent much of his time writing long treatises. Rather Terry’s writing tends to be short-form story-driven theological reflections meant to hit us where we live, at street level.

Thus, when we began to work together to produce items people could take with them from a Soul Play presentation, much of the material Terry could immediately provide were these concise lovely essays written over the years for various original purposes.

Having preschoolers when I received these essays, I named them Soul Playdates, because playdates tend to be short, fun, and refreshing times (for both children and parent!) - which describes these reflections well. Each Soul Playdate can be read individually, a brief respite to recharge your inner battery.



You can acquire this product line in three ways:

  1. Physical copies of these audio albums are available for sale, whenever appropriate, where  Dr. Nelson-Johnson presents.*
  2. Digital copies are available for purchase from this website (direct from this page or click any product item on this page for more information about it). Further information about that is below.
  3. Digital copies of select products are available for streaming or purchase from various online retailers such as iTunesAmazon mp3 Store, or Spotify. Links are provided on the product's page.

A Request

If you would like to purchase our materials, we ask that you strongly consider doing so directly from this website. We make a much larger profit from such and appreciate the support. See the Instructions page for assistance if hesitant.


There are two main product options in this series: the booklet and the audio recordings. We offer the booklet here as a PDF (portable document format) digital download file. The audio albums can be downloaded as a 'zip' file, a single file that once "unzipped" provides you an mp3 audio file of each track as well as two image files providing the album artwork and track list. Instructions on how to unzip the audio bundle as well as loading these media files on to various devices like a Kindle or iTunes for iPhone or Android devices can be found on the Instructions page.

*  We are investigating the possibility of making physical copies available for order from us through this site for delivery by mail but do not offer it at this time. If, however, you would like to make a bulk order, please do contact us as arrangements can always be made.