Running the Paschal Mystery

What if the Paschal Mystery isn’t something that Jesus went through a couple thousand years ago, but something that we’re all invited to live every day? Using the metaphor of a marathon and his prodigious skill as a storyteller, Terry Nelson-Johnson challenges us to run our own Paschal Mystery, teaching us to look at life through the lenses of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter.

This presentation, most often given as a full three night parish mission during Lent, provides our most extensive product catalog including a booklet, multiple audio albums, and soon videos.

Booklet, CD

Soul Playdates

Dr. Nelson-Johnson describes himself as a street theologian. And as that name suggests, he has not spent much of his time writing long treatises. Rather Terry’s writing tends to be short-form story-driven theological reflections meant to hit us where we live, at street level.

Thus, when we began to work together to produce items people could take with them from a Soul Play presentation, much of the material Terry could immediately provide were these concise lovely essays written over the years for various original purposes.

Having preschoolers when we edited these essays, we named them Soul Playdates, because playdates tend to be short, fun, and refreshing times (for both children and parent!) - which describes these reflections well. Each Soul Playdate can be read individually, a brief respite to recharge your inner battery.



Live Presentation

A nationally-acclaimed speaker on adolescent sexuality, Dr. Nelson-Johnson has designed and conducted programming at hundreds of middle schools and high schools in the Chicago metropolitan area as well as Secondary Schools in Canada that help students to understand the critical distinction between sex and sexuality, including: Francis W. Parker School, New Trier Township High School, Adlai E. Stevenson High School, and the United States Air Force Young Adult Symposium.

Dr. Nelson Johnson has presented at the First Friday Club of Chicago, The Career Transitions Center, Crossroads Center, Mercyhurst College, Carroll College, Loyola University, Call To Action National Conference, Inner City Teaching Corps, and the Illinois Drug Education Alliance’s annual prevention conference. He is recipient the 2008 Bernadine Medal from Amate House, a young adult volunteer and leadership program in Chicago.

If you would like Dr. Nelson-Johnson to visit your organization with this presentation, contact us.

Curriculum Product

We currently offer an interactive video-based curriculum to offer for sale to parents, schools, institutions, and anyone else interested in learning about this powerful positive vision of sexuality. To learn more or to order a copy, contact us.

Video curriculum

Soul Play currently offers three product lines.

They are available for sale at appropriate Soul Play engagements.