Presentation Formats

  • Parish Mission
  • Evening/Morning of Reflection
  • Parish/School Staff Day/Retreat
  • Family Catechesis Program Presentation
  • Conference Workshop
  • ...again, almost any format can be filled!


General Presentations


(NEW in 2014!) Poverty and Gifts: It's A Package Deal

As individuals and institutions we are bequeathed both poverty and gifts. Our vitality is contingent on becoming aware of, befriending, and using both toward an integrated fruitful life. We often try to minimize or eliminate our poverty while maximizing our gifts and yet the best balanced life recognizes the way those two are interwoven and need to work together. This is a vulnerable, risky, but necessary enterprise if we want to live a life of growth and freedom.


Running the Paschal Mystery

Consciously or Unconsciously, most Catholics think of themselves as ‘Cheerleaders for Jesus’ when it comes to the Paschal Mystery – The passing over from Death to Life.  One gets the impression that Jesus did the Paschal Mystery for us a really, really long time ago and every year during Holy Week we gather to remember the story and thank him . . . again. Ah, but is it possible that with respect to the Paschal Mystery, the passing over from death to life, Jesus Went First – and now, today, he invites us in to the Mystery with him?  What if the Paschal Mystery is ‘the rhythm of Love,’ and to the extent that we have the guts to participate in this Mystery, Jesus exquisitely companions us in to New Life!  


There is Not Enough Room for Joy -- For God's Sake!

The phrase, ‘There is not Enough Room for Joy’, has two potential meanings -- Both intriguing and challenging. On the one hand, is it possible that Joy is bigger than we give it credit for?  That Joy is neither cute nor a luxury?  Is it possible that Joy is a Mystery flowing directly from the heart of the Divine?  Is it possible that Joy, like few other realities has the capacity to get it's arms around suffering? On the other hand, it seems that in the lives of so many of us . . . there simply is Not Enough Room for Joy.  Is it possible that living a life within which Joy is in short supply is both a tragedy and dangerous.  Lets courageously contemplate the place of Joy in our Lives, Souls and Relationships . . . for God's Sake.


I Didn’t Ask ‘Were You Baptized?’ . . . I Asked “ARE You Baptized?!”

If queried about their Baptismal status, most Catholics will respond:  ‘Yes I was Baptized.’  The answer gives the impression that Baptism is historical, static and a noun.  Ah . . . but what if, in our actual lived reality, Baptism is Contemporary, Dynamic and A Verb?  What if Baptism has less to do with a certificate than it does with our fundamental identity and vitality and capacity to navigate suffering and enter into intimacy and live out our authentic vocation?  What if ‘Are you baptized?’ is the most important question – and what if we could answer such a question with a simple, bold and humble response:  ‘Yes, I know myself as baptized and as a result I am free.’


Oh Come On! – Come Out and Play! (The Spirituality of Fun)

We tend to relegate play to the realms of childhood or those with too much time on their hands.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  To play is to explore, tease and challenge our perceived limits.  To play is to access energy and take intentional risks.  To play is to remember that participation trumps production.  To play is to remember that laughter is healing and courageous and liberating. To play is to be free to perceive ourselves, some one else or some reality from an alternative perspective – to be free to re-imagine.  To Play is to enter in to Holy Communion with Jesus – Player Par Excellence. So with respect to your marriage; your health, body, sexuality; your job, vocation or lack of employment; with respect to your divorce; your retirement; your parents, siblings, children; your soul, your church, your world, your God . . . Oh Come On! – Come Out and Play!


By Whose Authority?

Authority is a fascinating concept today -- especially within 'churchy circles.'  This evening we will explore the nature of authority.  Who has it?  How is it used -- or wielded -- as the case may be? Are we, individually and collectively, the bearers of authority, and if so, is this authority proving to be fruitful in any way?  Does one inherit, garner or live in to authority?  Is the Church authoritative?  Is the Church's authority trustworthy?  From whence did Jesus' authority come, and how did Jesus use this authority?  Come and help us contemplate and wrestle with the experience of authority.


Other Talk Titles

  • The Beloved Retreat
  • Spirituality: In God We Trust... Or Do We?
  • Catholic Parenting
  • Family Gratitude
  • Intentional Community
  • Chill - Pausing In The Midst of It All
  • Can You feel the Energy?!
  • You Want Some of This?
  • Prayer—Just what do you think you are doing?
  • Reconciliation:  Loving the Hell Out of’em
  • Grateful for Adversity:  Perverted? Paradox? Privilege?
  • Amen;  By Myself!
  • God-Forsaken?? Not Hardly!!
  • Advent:  Yes, Yes, Yes
  • ...and more! Basically, you ask for something, Terry can provide it!


Sexuality Presentations

Sexuality:  Celebrate The Gift and Become Makers of Love

This has been a rough and tragic and lamentable era with respect to Catholics and Sexuality; what with all the scandals, cover-ups, law suits, shame, pain and victims.  In the hope and service of redeeming our relationship with sexuality, both personally and corporately, perhaps we need to return to the basics:  Sexuality is a Mystery.  Sexuality is a Gift.  Sexuality is a sacrament for God’s sake! When we participate in the mystery of sexuality, in all of it’s manifestations, in a manner that reflects the Author of the Gift, and in the spirit of Jesus, we become Makers of Life and Love! This is about as Catholic as it gets  . . . and, it is Good News!


Jesus’ Strategies For Intimacy! (Young Adult)

Jesus and Intimacy: An intriguing, provocative and evocative arena of contemplation!  If Jean Vanier is on to something when he suggests that intimacy has to do with ‘proximity that liberates;’ and if my intuition that the Soul of Intimacy lies in our capacity to Risk: In-To-Me-You-See -- then Jesus was really good – brilliant actually—in the realm of intimacy. He has much to teach us with respect to this rich, mysterious and potentially graceful dimension of life.


Ignatian Spirituality and Relationships (Adults)


Sexuality and Relationships (Middle School and High School)


Sacramental Preparation Presentations

  • Confirmation Retreat
  • Confirmation Parent/Sponsor Evening
  • General Parent Sacramental Preparation
  • Terry's done almost everything in this area!