Meet Terry Nelson-Johnson

Founder & Animating Spirit of Soul Play

TNJ Damen award.jpg

At the 2014 Damen Award Gala having just received the highest honors from the Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University Chicago.



What is Soul Play?

Soul Play is an experiential, theological, and educational enterprise serving congregations, families, schools, and adults. Our mission is to bring The Story of God to our stories of life, in the ultimate hope of bringing more surprise, joy, delight, and wonder to this endeavor we call faith.

Soul Play, founded by Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson, is a group of presenters, retreat leaders and spiritual directors. In addition to live presentations and one-on-one spiritual direction, we also provide printed and recorded products based on our work. 

Soul Play Speaking Programs

Click here for a list of speaking topics presented by the Soul Play team of retreat leaders and spiritual directors.